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Financial plans must evolve over time, which is why GNR has developed the Integrated Financial Plan. With our vast experience in financial planning, we carefully consider the interaction between all the elements of your situation in order to come up with a solution that is consistent with your unique objectives. Essential to any financial strategy, GNR's Integrated Financial Plan anticipates upcoming needs and quantifies the evolution of your financial profile, coming together in a clear and pertinent course of action for you. Managing a portfolio requires creating investment strategies that adapt to the objectives and personality of each individual. At GNR, our approach consists of evaluating your goals and financial profile in relation to your estate in order to create your Investment Policy Statement. This outlines your profile as an investor, your degree of tolerance for market fluctuations and a proposed time line. Our models for asset allocation, and for geographic and strategic segmentation stem directly from the objectives determined in the preliminary analysis. Financial risk management at GNR starts with an in-depth review of your past, present and future financial situation.  In both your personal and professional life, you are exposed to events beyond your control, such as illness and death. That is why we believe it is essential to be able to quantify risks in order to establish your insurance needs and protect you from the financial impact that can ensue. Extensive experience and knowledge of solutions and alternatives mean we can respond to all of your insurance needs. Discipline and continuity are the building blocks of a healthy estate. Throughout evolving markets, life's circumstances, financial products and various unforeseeable events, we ensure that your Integrated Financial Plan is revised and adapted as needed. Our disciplined approach and regular follow-up helps us ensure that your Plan conforms to your financial situation and continues to best serve you. Insurance is the foundation of protective strategies for your individual or collective estate. In the face of uncertainty, we aim as much as possible to reduce risks. Whether to preserve your quality of life in case of illness or to guarantee your successors an inheritance that is intact, the primary objective of GNR remains the same: peace of mind when life presents these challenges. The growth of your financial estate is essentially dependent on your investments. Whatever they may be, these investments will have a significant impact on your financial health. In times of accumulation and consolidation of assets preceding retirement, as well as in times of capital spending and liquidation, we believe that your investments must be in line with your objectives in terms of comfort, freedom and accomplishment.

In order to respond to your objectives, our Integrated Financial Analysis offers an overall vision that is easy to follow and understand. GNR assures you top quality services in each of these fields, all of which are essential for organizing your present situation and building your future. These services are offered directly from our firm or through our network of professionals.