Integrated Financial ANALYSIS

GNR's far-reaching network of contacts allows us to develop different strategies based on trust, communication and the pooling of expertise.

We believe it is important to work in collaboration with the professionals who are already looking after your affairs. Their knowledge and perspective of your situation adds to our expertise, helping us to keep your priorities current, consolidate your assets and provide the benefit of a better global picture.

Insurance products essentially serve two purposes: to protect your estate in case of death, or to protect your standard of living in case of illness, disability or financial damage. In the first case, GNR uses life insurance products that make up for temporary or permanent lack of income following death. Disability insurance helps preserve family income in case of accidents, or prolonged or permanent illness. Critical illness insurance absorbs major expenses related to medical treatments, adaptation or special care required for cancer, coronary or degenerative diseases. No matter the need, we will find the product that best meets your objectives. The financial decisions that we make, whether large or small, all have an impact of varying degrees on our financial well-being. Having a quality financial plan in place allows us to help you make good choices, with everything from leasing or purchasing a vehicle, to creating a family trust or a financial structure for your business. The management of liabilities, the impact of foreign currencies or the liquidation of assets are a few of the aspects that must be carefully evaluated. Let our professionals guide you. No financial plan should neglect the importance of the legal matters involved with wills, mandates, trust agreements, shareholder agreements and other contracts. GNR knows that financial life or death is directly linked to the content and quality of the legal documents that support you. In-depth knowledge of legal issues is a major benefit that we offer in the development of a sound financial strategy. The type of will, the fiscal structure of your investments, the nature and origin of your estate as well as details of asset allocations are all important elements in the settling of your estate.  The quality of your estate planning is the result of the careful attention given to the structure of Tax management is a major focus of most financial plans.  GNR identifies and puts into place the best strategies for your portfolio, such as contributing to an RRSP rather than in a taxable account, paying yourself a combination of salary and dividends from your company, sharing pension revenue with your spouse, making charitable donations of stock that have increased in value, as well as other fiscal strategies that require expert intervention. GNR can help you with your tax planning. Whether your assets are registered (RRSP, RRIF, LRIF, LIF) or subject to income tax, appropriate diversification by asset type and market is a major foundation of your portfolio. In addition to classic assets such as stocks and bonds, your pension funds and real estate are part of your family estate in a broader sense. Through private portfolio management, direct investments or mutual funds, our primary objective is to choose the investments that are right for you.


Working in collaboration with you and your professionals, we:

  • Bring out the human side of your objectives;
  • Understand the impact of your legal documents (will, marriage contract, shareholder agreements, mandate in case of incapacity, trust agreements, etc.);
  • Review the content of your investment portfolio and corporate structures to evaluate fiscal consequences of the future status of assets;
  • Evaluate your liabilities;
  • Create a structure that respects your objectives while using all available tax benefits (exemptions, tax deferral, income splitting, etc.);
  • Calculate the cost, advantages and disadvantages of various financial solutions that can provide for liquidity in case of death or disability (asset liquidation, savings, borrowing or insurance purchases)
  • Determine if the net value and content of your estate will provide sufficient income for your family.