Your Financial Advisor

Guy Noël has built a reputation as a disciplined professional with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. With a true passion for his business, he will put any amount of time and effort into the fulfillment of complex or sensitive mandates.

Guy is the expert to trust for expert advice in financial structuring and risk management. His all-inclusive approach takes account of every aspect of your situation in helping you to develop and harmonize your life plan and business model. A full-service representative in securities since 2004, he brings a 360-degree vision to your investment situation.

In addition to his financial expertise, Guy’s wide reaching business contacts have allowed him to establish a network of professionals, from which you can benefit.


Solange Lafortune

Solange Lafortune

Financial security advisor

Specialized in life insurance and financial services, Solange built herself a solid reputation, since 1984, in the field of company transfer and estate planning. Her practice always prioritised listening and an outstanding customer service. GNR’s team is happy to be able to count on the expertise and the talents of Solange Lafortune as an ambassador. She will be contributing to the development of the business and the harmonious transition of her clientele so that her work carries on and her efforts continue to bear fruit to the benefit of the people who trusted her.


Réal Primard


Financial Security Advisor

A family man and a man of commitment, Réal has advised numerous families and individuals in the management of their financial risks since 1969. With more than 45 years of experience and many accomplishments, he is renowned for the scope of his knowledge. In his personal, professional and sporting lives (he is formidable at fly fishing, a skill he teaches with great passion), Réal puts his heart and soul into every professional relationship.

The president and initiator of Barnabas Foundation, Réal is a dedicated partner who can be counted on unfailingly.


Justin Cormier

Justin Cormier, LL. M. Fisc.

Fiscalist / Financial Security Advisor* / Group retirement services representative**

Justin cumulates more than 11 years of expertise in the administration, management and business development of financial services. Bachelor of Economics and Finance from the UQAM and holder of a Master of Law, Taxation option's degree, from the Université de Montréal since 2014, he began his Financial Security Advisor's career in 2009. He is also a speaker and member of La Relève committee of the Association de la Planification Fiscale et Financière (APFF).

Over the years, Justin acquired a solid expertise in asset management as well as protection and transfer of family wealth. He has been collaborating with GNR since 2014 and we hope that one day he will ensure its continuity.

*Linked to SAFJ Financial Services
**Linked to Groupe Cloutier Investments Inc.


Natasha Hétu

Natasha Hétu

Customer service coordinator

Natasha is known for her great versatility, efficiency and professionalism. She has been putting her talents and energy at the service of GNR clients and partners since 2010. In addition to her training in accounting and financial services, Natasha is always especially attentive to the quality of her work and the satisfaction of the client.